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Want to be an awesome rapper?

Seeing P Diddy, T Payne or Jay-Z on TV, or even your local rappers rapping on stage can be incredibly inspiring.

Here's how to get started on your path of becoming a rapper.

The First Steps of Learning How to Rap

Like it or not, you're gonna have to do a bit of learning before you can start rapping. Rappers who try and just "wing it" often find it harder than they imagine.

Start by learning the basics of rhythm. A good way to learn this is to learn basic beatboxing. Learn how to keep a rhythm with nothing by your mouth. You need to be able to hit the beats dead on. 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4.

Try rapping to a certain sound track and making sure your words hit the beat. Then turn off the sound track and try rapping solo, without the sound track to help you. Make sure you're hitting still hitting the beat dead on.

how to become a rapperOnce you've learned how to keep the beat and hit the beat, then you'll need to start throwing in some attitude.

Adding Attitude and Personality

If you want to try and succeed as a "me too" rapper, forget about it. Every successful rapper who got where they are today did it by expressing their own attitude, not by copying other rappers.

As Eminem once said: "There's a million m---------ers who act like me and talk like me, who just don't give a ---- like me, but that's just it, they're not quite me!"

How To RapStart by learning from other rappers; maybe even rapping their songs to get the beat and the rhythm. But sooner or later, you're going to have to start spitting your own songs. With your attitude and your personality.

Don't hold back. Some people won't like your music and that's fine. Your job is to put your music out there as strongly as you can. Those who like it will like it, those who won't, won't.

Practice Like Your Life Depends On It

Rappers on TV can make rapping look like a piece of cake. It's not. It requires thousands - That's right, thousands - Of hours of practice.

You should be eating, living and breathing rap. You should be listening to rap all the time, dissecting it in your head. You should be rapping your own songs and other rappers' songs day in and day out.

You need to bring immense amounts of passion to mastering rap to become good enough to make a full time living at it. Practice like your life depends on it. In a way, it does.

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Tips on Being a Better Rapper

Tip #1 - Keep your words clear. Beginning rappers often make the mistake of sounding like they're mumbling when they rap.

Tip #2 - Flow is more important than rhyming. Don't stumble or stop rapping if a sentence doesn't rhyme, just keep right on going.

Tip #3 - Think about your next line when you're rapping, but be present enough that you can still give your 100% to the current line.

Tip #4 - Be loud! Blast your music into the world - Nobody whispers their way to success.

Tip #5 - Don't quit your job until your rapping income is at least 50% of your income.

Going Public With Your Skillz

Once you have a decent amount of skills, it's time to go public. Start small as you don't want to blow opportunities before you really have the skills to make it.

Start with your friends. Practice in front of small crowds of 3-15 people and get feedback. Once you feel like you're ready, then graduate to open mics.

Open mics don't pay anything, but give you a good opportunity to practice in front of a group of people for free. They tend not to be too discriminating; whether you're good or not you'll be able to get a spot.

turntablesThis will give you a chance to start getting used to the pressure of rapping in front of strangers. New rappers often underestimate how nerve wrecking it can be to show off in front of complete strangers.

Once you're getting good feedback from open mics, then it's time to start building relationships with people who will eventually result in paid gigs. Seek out bar owners, club owners, other rappers, talent agents, producers and employees of record labels.

Choosing a Killer Rapper Name

Which is cooler - Shawn Carter or Jay-Z? Undoubtedly, if Jay-Z's went by his real name his songs would never have hit the top charts.

A cool name really makes a difference. Before you pick your rap name, try to come up with at least 20 possible names. Sit on it for a while before picking your name. Ask your friends what they think - Wait until you find one that gets a strong reaction.

Your name should make people think: "Who is that guy?"

Different Styles of Rap

Every rapper is different. Saying you "want to learn to rap" is like saying you "want to learn how to speak." Aight - What language?

Here are a few differ net styles of rap to choose from.

Freestyle Rap - Perfect your rapping skills by rapping about pretty much any topic. If someone asks you to spit some rhymes, you should be able to do it on just about any topic without hesitation.

Recorded Rappers - Rappers who develop sick songs, have them recorded and distributed. By and large most highly successful rappers fall into this category.

Battle Rappers - When you're rapping against other rappers in a high intensity battle of wits. Make no mistake, this style ain't for sissies.

What rap style you choose will in the end be determined by your passion and in part where you live. The rap culture is far different in New York than it is on the west coast, for example.

How to Be A RapperLanding a Record Contract

Start by recording a demo tape. You don't have to go super high end for your first recording. In fact, you may even want to try recording at home first before shelling out for real studio quality recording.

You should also decide on how much mixing you want to do and whether you want to do it yourself. Chances are when you're starting out you won't have the money for a sound engineer.

You'll probably have to learn the ropes around a program like Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, GarageBand or another similar mixing program to get your songs to sound the way you want.

Once you've got a good quality recording mix from your home studio, then pay to have yourself recorded in a real studio. Studios will charge you by day or by hour; either way you should plan out the time you're using so you get the max use for your dollar. Re-do the mix with the higher quality audio.

Send out this tape to record companies, DJs, MCs, clubs, event producers, radio stations, online / college radio stations and online raping charts like The more you can send your tape through contacts rather than sending it to someone you don't know, the better.

Don't expect an overnight success. In fact, give yourself a good 3-6 months of hard work before expecting any kind of traction.

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